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House System

The purpose of Del Mar Academy's House System is to provide every member of the school with a special community where students and staff can build relationships in a fun setting! We knew when starting this school we wanted all our children and all our staff to know each other and become a team.  The House System is a way to do that. 

All of the staff and students are divided into 4 houses:

House of Air 

House of Earth 

House of Fire 

House of Water

House Meetings 

Each Friday for 30 minutes, our grade levels spend time in Houses to get to know other students and staff, build their team and compete for House Points. House Points are earned by following the ROAR expectations.   

House Rallies 

Once a month, each house meets with all the grade levels together in the gym for a house rally.  At the rally, we celebrate our house by calibrating points, doing our House cheer, and recognizing outstanding members of our House who are going above and beyond in academics and behavior. Check out some pictures of our rallies: 

House Attributes 

Once sorted, each house created attributes and a cheer to help build the identity of each house.