About Our School

Vision, Mission, Values


Del Mar Academy develops problem solvers who take risks, include others, and advocate for themselves and their community.


We will do this by:

  • Creating a safe and inclusive environment for staff, students and families

  • Delivering high-quality, equitable instruction

  • Fostering joy through opportunities for leadership and connection


  • Safety: We are a trusting, caring community that makes every individual feel comfortable and protected.

  • Inclusion: We see every individual for the unique attributes they contribute to our community and always treat them accordingly.

  • Joy: We love learning and celebrate our community and each other to create a positive school environment.

  • Leadership: We take ownership over our school community, stepping up to act, take responsibility, and shape our collective path.

Our Graduate Profile

Graduate Profile Flyer - please read the profile at right

Graduate Profile

Our 8th graders will leave Del Mar Academy with these traits, prepared to enter high school.

The Del Mar Academy P-8 Graduate is...

  • A Problem Solver
    • Possess the transferable skills to approach challenges as opportunities to apply creative, innovative solutions.
  • Inclusive
    • Critically consider diverse perspectives and new ideas to respect and celebrate difference, connect with others, and evolve their own thinking.
  • An Advocate
    • Apply confidence and communication skills to stand up for their well-formulated beliefs and seek justice for marginalized groups.
  • A Risk Taker
    • Leverage failures as opportunities to learn and grow; incorporate feedback and learnings to inform their own continuous improvement.